Provision of Expert Evidence

You may be exploring this series of tutes because you: 

  • have been asked to provide a legal opinion or write a legal report;
  • you are thinking of entering this arena; or 
  • your routine work may, at some stage, become involved with some legal action.

You may already be familiar with many aspects of the Australian legal system or you may be a novice in this arena.

These tutes are designed so that you can move through them in a logical sequence at your own pace.

There are three tutes in this series:

Each tute comprises of a number of modules and at the end of each module there is a short quiz which allows you to check that you have the gist of the material and you are ready to move onto the next module. The system allows you to go back as many times as you wish, but you can't move forward until you have completed the quiz.

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